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Who is Dr. Sky?

Keep Pluto Alive! - Who is Dr. Sky?

 For well over thirty years, Steve Kates “Dr.Sky” has been educating audiences with a special blend of what he calls “Edutainment”; the blending of education and entertainment; on all there is to learn from the realms of Astronomy, Space, Aviation and Weather, the stuff of

Steve Kates, “Dr.Sky” is a science journalist who has been broadcasting for more than 20 years, via Radio/TV . Along with many columns in print media as well!


A regular on such programs as “Coast To Coast AM”, 3TV in Phoenix, Fox 10 in Phoenix, as well as the popular Pat Mc Mahon Show on AZ TV, “Dr.Sky” is heard on many radio stations around the globe with his “Dr.Sky Minutes”.

Our motto is: “To Educate And Entertain The World On ALL That Is In The Sky”

It is with these positive thoughts that we hope to keep the memory of Dr.Clyde Tombaugh and PLUTO…Alive!








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Who is Dr. Sky?






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