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Keep Pluto Alive! - Audio Interviews


Interview With Dr.Clyde Tombaugh- 1977 -   

Dr.Sky had the rare opportunity to interview Dr.Tombaugh at his home in Las Cruces New Mexico in 1977.

The interview is a bit rough, but it is easy to see the wealth of knowledge that this man had about the Solar System and the universe and the planet that he discovered and came to love!

Interview With Dr.Tombaugh- 1987 -     
Steve Kates/Robert Knight on Earthwatch on WBAI, New York

Here is an extended version of an interview that I conducted back in 1987 on WBAI in New York.
Here, I am conducting the interview with my friend Robert Knight of WBAI. Once again, we get to learn a lot about the discovery of the 9th planet and you can tell that Dr.Tomabugh is once again very proud to talk about his planet.


Recently, Dr.Sky has been doing many Radio/TV interviews around the country on the History of Pluto and why in our opinion, it should remain a planet!
Here are some interviews that go into some of the details about the deletion of Pluto as a“major” planet.
Here we find interviews from KAGM “Wake Up New Mexico”.


Patsy Tombaugh -

Dr.Sky had the are opportunity of speaking with Patsy Tomabugh, wife of Dr.Clyde Tombaugh, on the recent decision by the IAU (International Astronomical Union), on stripping Pluto from it’s planetary status.
Here, Patsy Tombaugh, tells us of her husbands historical discovery and how he was dedicated to the science that he loved…Astronomy! We also get a rare glimpse into Clyde and his wife Patsy.


Dr. Sykes -

Here are some additional Interviews with Astronomers, Dr. Mark Sykes, Director of the Planetary Science Institute and Dr. Alan Stern of the Southwest Research Institute, on why they feel that Pluto should remain a planet!

Caltech -

In addition to these great interviews, “Dr. Sky” had the rare opportunity to interview Mike Brown and Chad Trujillo of CALTECH, on some of the recent discovery’s that they have made with planets that lie beyond Pluto.
Some of these objects, are QUAOAR, SEDNA, XENA and ORCUS. Here is what they have to say about planets beyond Pluto!


Dr. Alan Stern -

Executive Director of Space Science and Engineering at the South West Research Institute.









Audio Interviews


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